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TJP is looking for a few more voices! We invite Tenors, Basses and Sopranos to audition this summer. Sorry altos – our section is full. 

Since March when the COVID-19 crisis hit our area, our choir has diligently continued to meet each week in the new online format. Of course we miss singing together in person, but we have developed a very interesting program that keeps us singing the music we love. 

Our regular weekly meetings will begin again in September 2020, probably still online. We’re planning ahead for different scenarios that may (or may not) see us meeting in person again depending on safety, and looking at alternate ways we can “perform” for our audiences through the season. When things get back to normal, we will perform two concerts in the year. Every chorister is called upon to sell tickets to the concerts. 

Highlights of our online work include: 

  • singing “together” via recording our parts and editing them together. 
  • careful listening, studying vocal and musical techniques. 
  • educational/masterclass vibe led by our music director Mim Adams. 

Ideally, our new members will: 

  • have sung in choirs before and be able to read music. 
  • be interested in the unique sounds of choral jazz. 
  • be open to working online, and the process of recording and sharing files. 

Member duties include: 

  • paying the annual fee of $375.
  • attending rehearsals each week, performance dates, minimizing absences. 
  • committing to learning and practicing music/techniques, especially because each individual voice is an essential contributor to our small choir.
  • selling tickets to concerts.

2020-2021 Schedule

September to May - Weekly rehearsals on Saturday mornings at 10am.

TBA - Winter concert, Spring concert.

More events and performances may be added. 


For the audition, our music director will ask you to perform a short song of your choice (preferably jazz style), some vocal exercises, and some music reading. 

To book an audition, please contact:

Let us know a bit about your past musical experience, and how you learned about The Jazz Project.  

We look forward to meeting you and we thank you for your interest!